Ward 1 CAN

Community Action Network in Sudbury Ontario

Lorne Street Enhancement Project

Lorne Street is identified as a major thoroughfare for out of town traffic. Recognizing this, the Ward 1 CAN is envisioning an area that is visually appealing and still provides the feel of a livable, walkable neighbourhood.

Short term goals and accomplishments:

  • Clean Up Days held in 2008, 2009 and 2010, along Lorne Street and Ontario Street, both on and off the CPR property
  • tree pruning
  • gardens have been planted
  •  flower planters

Vision for Lorne St

  • Re-greening project, grass berm and planting trees
  • Add more flower planters
  • Removal of old fence and derelict lights

For photos of the Berm progress on Lorne Street, click here.